Duplex Changeovers

Duplex Changeovers Duplex Changeovers Duplex Changeovers Duplex Changeovers Duplex Changeovers Duplex Changeovers

Duplex Changeovers

Russo Home Renovations has changed many single-family homes into legal duplexes. In todays market it is hard to come across some extra income. Having a tenant is one way of allowing the homeowner to add some extra income. Everyone home is different, making every house a different challenge.

Some things to consider when thinking about changing your single family home into a legal duplex.

  • Inspections by the City is a must, in order to legally advertise a duplex rental unit and sell a property as a legal duplex, the property must be zoned correctly, along with all permits and inspections passed by the city. At Russo Home Renovations we take care of all that red tape, and back and forth with inspectors, contractors, and city officials to have an end product that is legal and professionally complete
  • Heating and cooling of units is a large expense that occur during the duplex changeover process. It is critical to get these systems working correctly and passed by certified technicians, in accordance with the inspectors. Sprinkler systems, smoke duct detector systems, and interconnect smoke alarms are some of the challenges faced.
  • Fire Separation is another issue that is faced with a duplex changeover. Every adjoining wall between units must meet a certified burn time, decided by each city inspector. It is of utmost importance that these guidelines are followed to insure every tenant and homeowner are safe to live.
  • Changing the electrical in the house is usually suggested, splitting each unit electrical to ensure each unit pays their share of the electrical costs. Adding in an extra water line from the street is also used to separate water costs between units.
  • There is always something different to consider in every house. Russo Home Renovations has seen it and will be able to guide you through the process to ensure you are left with a property you are proud of and that will bring in some extra income!

How We Work?

  • Discuss your ideas and plans for your property.
  • Discuss your room design ideas and budget.
  • Let us make a strategy and proceed to work for you.
  • We ensure to complete the project within the given time period.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience in changing single family homes to duplex/triplex .
  • 100% Satisfying Results.
  • Well Equipped With The Latest Equipment.
  • Quality Build & Design Solutions
  • Reasonable Pricing

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